Snowmobile & ATV Trails Near Webb Lake | Boat Docks on Webb Lake

If you vacation near Webb Lake, and you are interested in Snowmobile Trails or ATV Trails, we have exactly what you are looking for here at Oak Ridge Inn & Campground.

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Spend Your Winter on Snowmobiles Trails At Webb Lake

We offer Snowmobile Trails Near Webb Lake that provides unbelievable winter fun. Compete in races, or just enjoy your own sense of adventure as you ride snowmobiles through the 40 acres of wilderness that surrounds our property.

Our snowmobile trails at Webb Lake, Wisconsin will be sure to thrill you and excite you, and leave you wanting more and more! Enjoy endless hours of snowmobile fun, see wildlife and enjoy the company of good friends and family. If you are interested in snowmobiles Webb Lake, please contact us!

Love Riding ATV Trails Near Webb Lake?

During the spring and summer, you can enjoy countless hours of adventure and fun on our ATV Trails Near Webb Lake, Wisconsin. Rent ATVs from Oak Ridge Inn & Campground, and get lost in our 40 acres of wooded area that is full of beginner and advanced ATV trails.

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If you are interested in ATV riding at Webb Lake, call us today! We have the ATVs, the gas and the amazing ATV Trails that will make your next wilderness adventure one to remember!

Excellent boat docks at Webb Lake!

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Need a place to dock your boat on Webb Lake? Look no further than Oak Ridge Inn & Campground, because we offer Webb Lake boat docks.

Don’t go to more expensive, harder to get to boat docks on Webb Lake. Launch your boat from our Webb Lake boat docks. You will be glad you did! We offer prime boat docking convenience, and our customers enjoy complete access to launch their boats into Webb Lake year round.

2020 Seasonal Rental Rates

Enjoy Oak Ridge for the entire year for about half the cost of a week long family vacation. Our amenities include:

  • Wooded sites
  • Access to 500 feet of sandy beach
  • Private boat launch on the 800 acres lake with no public access, and very moderate boat traffic
  • 24 hour gas
  • ATV and snowmobile trails adjacent to the property
  • Electric hook ups, water hookups, & septic hookups (no pumping required)
  • Laundry facility on site
  • Restaurant/bar on site, open year-round
  • Lake is great for both fishing and water sports
All this for only $2,750 (plus electric).

We only rent campsites for the full season. No weekly or nightly rentals available.

Reserve yours today. Call (715) 791-9015 today to reserve your site, or click Contact Us in the menu at the top. We look forward to meeting you!